Ep-1 | Introduction: A new perspective on motivation

Ep-2 | How would you define motivation?

Ep-3 | Why is enhancing motivation crucial for organisations ?

Ep-4 | What are your observations about motivation systems in the organisations today ?

Ep-5 | Are incentives having a bad impact on motivations ?

Ep-6 | What is a more accurate framework for motivation ?

Ep-7 | What are the key factors influencing the quality of motivations ?

Ep-8 | How to create a context for Autonomy ?

Ep-9 | How to create a context for Belonging ?

Ep-10 | How to foster a context for Competence ?

Ep-11 | What leadership style offers the best guarantee for autonomous motivation ?

Ep-12 | How can a leader build a purpose for the organization ?

Ep-13 | What does agile leadership look like ?

Ep-14 | What can leaders do to maintain their effectiveness during difficult circumstances ?

Ep-15 | How to develop top talent for your organization ?

Ep-16 | What are the key insights ?

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