Our strategic vision

Executive Search

Hire top talent with our selective recruitment process, including headhunting, assessments, and onboarding to reach a perfect fit and top performance in your organization.

Leadership Development

We help your leaders make the most of their potential, utilize their unique strengths and build strategies to avoid their pitfalls. Your talents come out stronger, more resilient and more successful.

Team Performance

Design the optimal framework that empowers your talent and teams to achieve peak performance, thereby enhancing overall organizational efficiency and individual well being.

Our Track Record

Discover some of the leading organizations we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Meet Our People

Meet our team of experts, dedicated to helping you find and develop the best talents in sport, recreation and entertainment.

Our Talent Acquisition Team

Cédric Le Nest

Executive Search & Talent Acquisition Assessment Talent Management Consulting Career Coaching
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Tom Sears

Executive Search & Talent Acquisition Talent Development Coaching & Mentoring

Daniel Woh

Executive Search & Talent Acquisition Sporting Goods & Fashion Lifestyle expert in Asia
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Our Coaching Team

Jean Laurent Bourquin

Career transition consulting for professional athletes Strategic Planning Governance

Fabrice Gatti

Executive Coaching Talent Development & Leadership Organisations' performance stemming Sociological diagnosis Talent Pool consulting

kris perquy

Executive Coaching Talent Development & Leadership Assessment & On-Boarding Performance psychology Mental coaching & Top Athlete Coaching

Our Training and Career team

Marine Lallement

Professional Training Collective & Individual training On-demand Training On-Line Training

Guillaume Stollsteiner

Career Assessment Networking Job research Professional retraining Interview coaching

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