Bridging the Gap Between Organizational Strategies and Individual Aspirations: A Paradigm Shift

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Since the end of World War II, the divide between organizational strategies and individual aspirations has never been more pronounced. This gap not only impacts the performance and sustainability of institutions but also contributes to the growing number of disengagements, well-being issues, burnouts, and career transitions.

Despite this shared realization among different stakeholders, fundamental change has been elusive.

Instead, the majority of organizations, from businesses to educational institutions, adopt an ostrich-like approach, clinging to a Tayloristic and capitalist vision of work, enforcing rigid and counterproductive operational models based on an erroneous and negative view of human nature.

Exploring Alternatives

In light of these challenges, Fabrice Gatti, Associate Director at Sport Business Talent, presents a compelling proposition.

Drawing from five years of multidisciplinary research encompassing psychology of motivation, economics, organizational sociology, talent theory, and extensive multicultural and international experience in industry and sports, Gatti invites us to consider a new approach, known as C.R.A.F.T.

This approach aims to rebuild the necessary bridge between organizational goals and individual needs.

By diagnosing the current functioning of organizations and understanding their consequences for individuals, businesses, and society, Gatti advocates deconstructing the prevailing mechanistic thinking and daring to embrace an organic alternative—a supportive environment fostering intrinsic motivation, personal fulfillment, and collective performance.

Embracing a Balanced and Responsible Society

Beyond the proposed approach, Gatti encourages us to reshape our thinking and take action towards the emergence of a more balanced and responsible society.

This book is not solely directed at managers but also addresses anyone with responsibilities towards others.

Directors, parents, teachers, coaches, athletes, employees—each one plays a role within their respective organizations, work environments, and society as a whole.

By participating in creating an environment conducive to organizational transformation, we can contribute to the revitalization and nurturing of our institutions.

Fabrice Gatti, Associate Director at Sport Business Talent, presents a thought-provoking book challenging the prevailing norms and offering a fresh perspective on bridging the gap between organizational strategies and individual aspirations.

Through a comprehensive exploration of current organizational practices and their impact, Gatti advocates for an alternative approach centered on intrinsic motivation, personal and collective growth, and a balanced view of humanity.

It is a call to action for all individuals, irrespective of their roles, to play an active part in fostering the transformation of organizations towards a more sustainable and fulfilling future.

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